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Call for Makers, Presenters and Workshopers for The eTextile Lounge at Bay Area Maker Faire 2012 Answered

Call for participants in the eTextile Lounge at Bay Area Maker Faire 2012

Have a project to share?
Want to give a lecture?
How about hosting a workshop?

This website gives you more information.
Please contact 
Lynne Bruning lynne@lynnebruning.com
Ally Seeley allyseeley@gmail.com
for all the details



6 years ago

E Textiles only, or are normal textile projects acceptable too?

The eTextile Lounge will host - wearable tech, soft circuits, eTextiles and paper computing projects, lectures and workshops.

Makes ya wanna put some power to your fiber doesn't it?

Well, all my textile projects have been non electric so far, but I hope to electrify them in the future. I wanted to do a demonstration on leatherworking with simple tools.

I would try contacting the CRAFT stage and see if they have suggestions as to where to present.