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Call for Makers for Maker Faire Answered

Entries are now being accepted for the bay area Maker Faire that will be happening on May 3-4 in San Mateo. This is an awesome event and we'll be there to represent, but we'd love to see some of you guys show off your cool ideas as well.

You have until March 12 for entries. If you want to show off what you can bring in person, there are tryouts on Feb. 17 at the Exploratorium.

Here are a few suggested topics:

- Things Made From Recycled Items
- Making Musical Instruments
- 3D Printers and CNC Milling
- Textile Arts
- Home Automation
- Rockets
- Ham Radio
- Puzzles, Games and Toys
- Cars (hot rods, custom vans, electric vehicles)
- Airplanes and Aeronautics (models, etc)
- Biology/Biotech
- Chemistry
- Food Makers
- Model Trains and Planes
- Green Tech
- Sewing and Felting
- Kites
- Old Farm or Garden Equipment (Tractors, etc.)
- Temporary Structures (Tents, Domes, etc.)
- Unusual Tools or Machines
- How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)

Call for Makers


They need one in Seattle...

Yes definitely. We should rally for a seattle version, and there are so many places here to hold fairs.

I agree. This time I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to it but it would rock if it came here.

We have to unite to make a project to sever the Bay Area from the continental US, to float away into the ocean! Everyone, get your saws, we're gonna threaten to saw california off into the ocean if they don't hold it up here! Bwahahahahah!

*patiently waits for Austin-area fair*

*cries* not coming back till October! *sniff*

i wonder if there will ever be one in montreal or vermont (vermonts not too far away)

Dang...If only I could make it to the Bay Area....

this annoys me... *lives in different continent with surly look on face

Pffft I wish there were more international events like this, someday if I visit america I'll make sure to coincide with a maker faire

I just mean there is no way I can make it that distance away. I am having troubles getting the wife to let me go to the upcoming HOPE con in NY....a 6 or 7 hour drive from here.

Hm.. methinks Make Magazine should try to find some sponsors to fund travel grants for promising Makers to attend the Faire...

I like that idea, I know a few people who would be eligible, like a friend of mine who used construction kits to build a technicallly functioning helicopter, granted you had to pedal to power and would have to be insanely strong and fit and wiegh two stone it created lift... Havnt seen him in ages, very eccentric mad scientist.

I remember trying to build a Cloud Chamber when I was in High School in the shop class. I didn't have the access to info I do now with the web though....the Shop teacher thought I was nuts, some of the weird project ideas I came up with.

Ever work? And umm, your mention of weird projects intrigues me...

Weird means weird. I tried a lot of things, blacksmithing (I REALLY enjoyed that too :-( ), pyrotechnics, electronics to produce borderline ultrasonic "noise", etc. It is too bad that the world and life got in the way between then and just recently when MAKE and this group sparked my old "desires" again :-) A lot of wasted time in between there.

Oh, in shop ? I liked making practical things, but the shop teacher always looked at me funny when I suggested something other then the bird house or the napkin holder.

In metal shop I "tried" to make a pair of "wood style" vise clamps (after breaking two "taps" I was forbidden to do that), in the plastics end, I tried to make a test tube holder (most everyone else was doing tiny shelves), but the plastic broke during drilling one of the holes and I ruined a rather large and expensive piece and so that was forbidden *sigh*

This kind was. It was of different colors, but still transparent, and moldable with a little heat, and a little solvent and pieces could be welded together, sometimes. But a sheet like I used set them back (they said) the price of 3 projects.

Before it "disappeared" (I really don't remember where it went) I was unable to test it. I needed a radioactive "source" and some dry ice, neither of which were in amble supply 34 years ago :-)

yeah I kinda meant that they should be wider spread in general, that way you're more likely to get to a maker faire... 6 - 7 hours isn't great but if you're prepared to do it I would have thought she wouldn't be mad... unless you're *dragging her/making her stay with children/animals/work

Well, the Convention (HOPE) is not Make oriented, that one is on the other side of the USA; but this one is pretty much computer / electronics oriented and may be the last one before they tear down the historic hotel *sigh*. She can either come along (don't know what she would do, but I am not against her coming) or stay at home (no children, she'd have to feed the Cavies though). But she #1 doesn't want to go, and #2 doesn't want to be alone either.

Build a goodhart robot... great first instructable too and it would write itself... sorry generalised under maker term... you could make her a deal I suppose, bargaining and negotiating occasionally works, like take her somewhere she want to go/ mind the cavies so she can do something...

Ya know, a telepresence bot would be a *lot* of fun at the Maker Faire!

Hmm i suppose a kind of video link bot could be established, well more a bot that 'talks' as a phone and has expressions and stuff then just add a goodhart mask and it's him, I think that some game code hacking combined with some of the animatronic masks and stuff here could make a good talkbot, I think guitar hero might provide a handy resource for expressions etc, maybe something more complex but something with a good talking head, change virtual expressions to motor/solenoid movements and you're in business... Ok that's actually way too complicated for a single lot but maybe a lookalike with a video feed and mic... lol I got it, make a giant head making the animatronics bigger and simpler to assemble... Yes I know it was a pun but I got going in my own head because that robot from the guinness book of records with almost complete facial expressions popped in to my head...

I'm thinking more of a mobile platform with a webcam - keep it simple! For extra credit, allow Instructables members to log in and take control over the bot's movement, and display their avatar on an LCD mounted below the webcam. Maybe with a waiting list, and a timeout to control how long each user gets to run the bot.

Use msn and commands interface so when you type something it does it... and use the webcam feed from MSN as the 'face'

Hey, kiteman, they're looking for kite makers!!!

If I had a line five or six thousand miles long ... Actually, I haven't made a kite for a while. (Hunts for mylar)

Heh. I tried making one out of an old Mylar butterfly balloon last month. Failed miserably. That's lack of planning for ya! It was cute, though.

I read an anecdote by a kitemaker who took a basic box-kite onto a TV show, but it was made of mylar film - the film caught the light and the flash overloaded the camera and broke it. They had to start again, without the kite.

Actually, the one I was thinking of making was "Del's Microkite" - it's only an inch square, and uses a single teased-out strand of embroidery silk for a flying line.

Now that is cute.


10 years ago

Any idea whether the tryouts will be open to the public?

They're open to the public. You need to RSVP to sherry@oreilly.com to reserve a spot.

I meant - are they open to observers? I suspect these are private tryouts, but anyone can apply.

I don't know about that. I'd like to go over there and get a sneak peek, but I doubt it will be all that thrilling.

*patiently waits for Boston-area Faire*

If there was one in Boston, I would definitely make the travel. Only about 8 hours from here. Beats traveling across the country!


10 years ago

If only, if only....