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Call of Duty 4 magic spray Answered

I was playing Call of Duty 4, and there was a part in the game where a S.A.S agent used some kind of aerosol spray that made the part of the fence that he sprayed brittle and was easily removed. I have never heard of anything in my comings and goings in chemistry that matches this, but according to the game developers they say every weapon is real. Has anyone heard of a spray or anything like this?


the MG cheemicals site stated its temperature is -51°C.
the steel fence should be quite brittle in this temperature.
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it looked exactly like this 'Super Cold' made by MG chemicals.
http://www (dot) elexp (dot) com/che_403a (dot) htm


Sounds like something like liquid gas of some sort...

it is some kind of spray that rusts the metal instantly so it is fragile and that is why he has to pull hard on it to rip it off i like blowin the tower up before this part

Could you store liquid nitrogen in a preasurized container without having the container shatter.

Yes, it is actually stored that way, but I wouldn't think it would be very "portable" (not like a can of RAID for instance), but more like a container of propane.

Hmm, what was the fence made of? If it was something with water in it (wood for instance), anything super cold like liquid nitrogen would make if very brittle.

In the game it looked like the fence was steel woven wire.

That might freeze if the temp is low enough. If it could be brought to a low enough temp, even steel will become like glass.

. Maybe liquid Nitrogen? Or some other material that will get the fence brittle enough to shatter.

Come to think of it, it would make steel quite brittle too