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Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 and 3? Answered

i want to get mw3 but lots of people say that i should get good at mw 2 first, and so that i can understand mw2 then. but another thing is that i really like black ops and  iv'e played it before. I would get black ops but people say that i should just get mw2 to get good at mw3 because black ops is old. please help me!! =( (plus i only have a wii so i can't get mw2)



Best Answer 7 years ago

If you only have a wii then get black ops for wii! It's really fun, and you can play with a classic controller pro or a wii remote and nunchuk. I personally don't think mw3 is going to be too much similar, it only looks like it is from what has been shown on the internet.

are you gona play online or story mode? coz i would get mw3 coz it will be good

If you're good at fps, just get the game and enjoy it.

Well I've played a bit of balck ops and golden eye. But the thing is if I should get black ops or save up for mw3 and as I said, I don't know a thing about mw3

You didn't like any of the answers to the previous question then?
Go get the thing and play it...


Well I had a different version of my other question, thx