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Calling All Good/Smart Knexers Answered

Note: When I address 'ibles, I'm talking about the K'nex community here.

Hey, knexers of 'ibles. Ignore my title, but it was irresistible , was it not?

I'm here before you all today to give you all something to ponder, or act on. Yes, this is about the K'nex 'ibles and KI dilemma. I'm going to tell you now, I'm not going to flame 'ibles, or put offense upon it.

Instructables is a DIY website, not specific to K'nex. It wasn't made to hold this community. In my opinion, people here care too much about things they shouldn't , such as ratings. People can rate them anything they want. "5 star because it looks cool!" "1 star, I don't like you." I haven't seen a lot of constructive criticism, which is, I think, what everyone should want. Most of the comments I see aren't very pleasant to read; do you really need to say "u" for "you"? Or "thx" for "thanks"? There aren't many rules here to enforce this. Or if there are, it's too laid back.

First off, as you can tell by the name, K'nex Innovation was started for the productivity of K'nex. The decently small community there uses good grammar, to a point. It is moderated better post wise, as it is focused on one topic and things can be easier checked, for its size, once again. Another reason for this is that it's focused on one thing, and one thing only, so that there's less people than Instuctables obviously has. I'm not saying the people on KI have perfect grammar, I don't have it, but I'm saying that they try to the best of their abilities. No rating system. We give constructive criticism, and look down on "OMG COOL GUN!!!!1!!!!11!!" type posts. If you want to say that kind of stuff, PM the dude/man/guy. There's a mixed variety of people; gunners, and then some that make other nifty contraptions.There's a chat room, for K'nex talk. Of course, we have fun there too, throwing off jokes and playing around. Usually a good 8 or so people are in there.

A handful of the more matured users who once roamed this site have settle there, such as Mepain and Oodalumps, to name a few. Recently, people there have started a podcast, currently with only two episodes. Also a step up in the community (coming from K'nex Innovation), soon there will be the first internet organized K'nex war.

Even if you completely disagree what all that I said, please go check the site out: http://knexinnovation.net/

And for those of you who want to talk it up with us first, here's the KI Chatroom: http://embed.mibbit.com/?settings=d4a2e2317b84e8897df0b736464a8ee4&server=mibbit.darkmyst.org&channel=%23KIchat&


where is your precious KI now? oh wait... it's deleted. besides, 'ibles has always been more comfortable, more innovative and new and more people would get to see everyone's creations. the only thing you guys ever did on KI was repost the SRv, the TR and the ZKAR... the newest thing you guys ever posted was the WASP, and that was years ago. instructables is an active community of knexers, while KI has always been only those select few that, while they have started the whole knex gunning, and while i respect them a lot, they haven't made anything new in years, and KI was dead even before it crashed.

What's the point in this?????????

What's the point of 9 question marks? To inform those without the knowledge, or give people someone else's opinion.

The point of 9 question marks is to see if you would count them. And you did. You failed.

Mmmk... I highly doubt that. You are a noob. You fail.

Even though nobody knows you.
Therefore, YOU = n00b!

This is Zak. Ever visited KI? He is one of the best knexers around.

I spoke to Zak personally on KI on the IRC chat, and he personally said that ZakS95 was not his ibles account. He doesn't have one.

Lulz. Yeah guess what, here I am. I was... "Joking."

Jokes and sarcasm on the internet suck, you dont get tone in text like you would in a regular conversation, so it just gets taken seriously.

It wasn't a sarcasm misunderstanding, it was me having fun. If I wanted it to be a joke and he to notice then and there, he would have.

and yet you said "Joking" in quotes.

Yeah, meaning that I didn't mean I was just joking... Wow.

Now that we've got that behind us......

Well, this is my account, so I guess you.

OK. I guess I need to apologize.

Don't ya love exclamation marks!!!!!!!!

Exactly. I know who Zak is, but not you...

Shadowninja31 knows who I am.

Seriously, stop necroing. That was like half a year ago. And there wasn't any reason to post anything.

Aka bumping.  I remember someone who wasnt copying me but was trying to sound like he was me bumped this up with an amateurish KI hate comment.

Posting a useless comment on an old forum so it shows up at the top of the list. EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN'T MATTER.

 u tipe  so gud & u mak no mstkes

(Typed wrong on purpose)

Sorry for replying to a comment you made and not hitting add comment. But.... I read the whole thing both on KI and instructables and it is very well said. Even when you did go off on your little "rampage" on KI, i completely agreed.  Oh and Zak, you should check out my repeating crossbow if you get a second.

Thankyou for your time
-Kevin C.

I have seen KI before and built guns off of it, but when I read the comments Its "You spelled____wrong, Or Why would you post this. Its like that 95% of the time with most comments I read.

Here's my point.

Why does it even matter which website you visit?

I am planning to make a KI account and post some of my Ibles there so that it doesn't look like I'm all pro-Instructables.

Also, I do think KI's spelling rules are a bit rough.

I agree. And a lot of people simply CAN'T speak English very good, like me. Is that a problem? As long as I just say what I want to say and other people understand that, there is no problem, is it?

And I think I like Instructables better than KI because it have 'steps' and you can comment and respond more easily.

And.. come on, those people HAVE SERIOUSLY MADE ANOTHER WEBSITE? (Not to say I didn't know). They just put energy in making a website for only 'cool-perfect-grammer-lovers-and-only-making-good-guns-makers. :S

A bit sad, isn't it?

I don't think they check grammar, which means those people who don't speak proper English won't have that much problems. But they are quite punitive on simple misspells everyone could make.

I like the Instructables system better too. Although it still is useful to stop by at KI a few times just to see what's going on there. For example, if I didn't stop by at KI a few times, maybe I had never even noticed the awesome ZKAR...

It is sad that Ibles and KI are divided that much. I wish we could just 'get along', but even nowadays the general impression of Ibles on KI still is that Ibles is full of cheap and easy block trigger guns and people who can't spell. :-( In a certain way they are right, but still, there is a more professional group here too that doesn't give much about the newcomers.

Ye, exactly. Ofcourse a lot people does check KI reguarly. And I do understand some people wanna have a site for knex only without 'bad stuff' in their eyes.
But that doesn't explain why some of them aren't nice or constructive to 'instructable-ers'