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Calling Canadian Tatters Answered

Did you or someone you know learn tatting (shuttle or needle) with my or any Instructable or online video? Are you Canadian and preferably around 30 or younger? If so there's a journalist in Canada working on a magazine article and she would love to talk to you. You can message me for contact information and please share if you know someone who might fit.




Hi there, am I too late for this? I'm just starting out, but have been teaching myself to tat for about a month now, first with a shuttle and now needles, and i taught myself to crochet earlier this year as well. I'm also a (heavily) tattooed tatter, single mom, and will be 32 in another 19 days :)

Thank you for your time!


Hi Kate, Yep, too late I'm afraid. The article in question was published in Maclean;s magazine in late July. You can see it here if you're interested: Macleans: Tatting Tales

Thanks for offering though!

Hi TotusMel!

I fall into that category! =) (another tattooed...albeit beginner tatter!) I've been learning how to needle tat with your instructable and video. I love your designs! You have such talent! Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

Please feel free to send me the contact info!!


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