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Calling all Crafters: The Hub Network's Halloween Costume Contest (US) Answered

Anyone with a little imagination can get involved in the Hub’s Halloween Bash Costume Contest, where we’ll search for the best DIY and handmade Halloween costumes in the country! After submitting photos and/or a video of your costume from 8/16-9/29 we will bring 50 semi-finalists (one from each state) to Los Angeles for a star-studded nationally televised event with celebrity judges, hosts and performances (Martha Stewart is the Halloween Expert Lead Judge this year!). There they will compete to find out who will win each of the six costume categories and take home $1,000, or win best overall costume and take home the grand prize of $25,000 and a chance at a walk on role on the Hub Network’s show, “R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.”

For further information or to enter a costume, visit: http://www.hubworld.com/halloween


Would I be correct in assuming that this contest us restricted to the US, then?

(Were you aware that nearly half the site's visitors are from outside the US?)

Yes, unfortunately the contest is only open to individuals 2+ in the US. I will make sure to edit the title to express this to prevent confusion in the future!

Here's a thought - this site has a big Hallowe'en contest as well. You could collaborate with instructables on next year's contest!

Apologies that I was unaware of this, but that is great news to know going forward! Do you know the contact to reach out to for this? I'll be sure to keep it on file to reach out to next year!