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Calling all Knex Experts: PLEASE HELP! Answered

Hey, I'm new here, but I've spent a lot of time on this site searching for a knex gun that fit my standards. See, most of the good guns on this site are very cool, but don't have enough instruction. The ones that do, no offense to anyone, are mostly throw togethers that need improvements. I'm kind of sick of searching the site for hours, so I'm asking some knex building experts to help me out. If your not interested, leave now but please hear me out. Recently, I've decided to scrap my old knex models, leaving me with lots of unused knex. I have a lot of pieces, a working motor, and long legths of chain. If you would like to help, I am asking ANYONE if they would help clarify their gun, point out a good model, or design a new gun. RBG of rod shooter, I couldn't care less. I would really appreciate the help, but if you are just here to rip on me, please don't, all I want to do is build a gun. Thank you very much



10 years ago

Try any of my guns, most recommended would probably be the shifle.

thanks a lot for your help. you have some pretty cool ones, and i think im going to build one or two. If anyone else has a comment though plz feel free

im guessin' u aint got much contacts on your email, so everytime you get a msg its like "ooh ive got a msg yay " "someone actually wants to chat to me" "yay"

believe it or not id think someone like u who spends everyday talking to someone on this kind of site would be the one with no life, and the only reason im talking to you is cuz u wont shut up

I have a life.

I'm not sure about u though?

ur startin to sound like a real pain in the arse noob .

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Oh btw talkin to people on this site, doesn't mean u have no life, u dipstick, it means u r well known in the instructables comunity and have in- mates.

do u mean pain in the ass or r u just scared 2 say it? 2 tell u the truth i usually dont need to make my friends on a knex gun website, I'm just looking for something to do with all my old knex. If i had a choice between being well known on a website for people who sit at home playing with toys or being well known as an actual person, which do u think most poeple would choose?

Build the adamsdead rifle! Just click on his name and you will find it. The power is GREAT and the looks a really stylish. The instructions are somewhat decent.

What yow talking bout boasting. Be proud of a good gun!!

I am but I don't want to sound snobby. (thanks for the compliment)

You're welcome. Its a cool gun. Just needs modding for increase power though.

Would you mind posting any of the mods?

No i wouldn't mind at all. So shall i post them?

k, but if i post them it wont be too soon cos' i get loadsa stuff to do wit my life.

if ur not gonna post anything useful please stop just talking about random crap

random crap? whats your problem you div. I gave you perfectly usefull information on what gun to make. It aint my fault if u aint read it.

yeah well i get an e-mail everytime u idiots posts something stupid on here and im kind of sick of it so either post something that is relevant or carry on ur conversation in a chat room. U 2 seen to talk in every other comment forum

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Dude sorry I stopped readin half-way down.... Probably more than able to help you out but.... I have read and enjoyed almost (might be some I missed) every Instructable on this site.... The Knex ones are MORE than informative enough for any reasonably intelligent person to follow and improve on...


10 years ago

thanks i like the guns, but im afraid im working on a few of mepains already. He has good instructions and nice looking guns. Im still loking for good instructions on a mchine gun though if anyone has any ideas

if you like guns that will shoot far and five times in a row by only re-coking it I recogmend this gun


10 years ago

thanks a lot. I'm having some trouble finding it though, could you post a link?

Just click on my name, and try using the "reply" button when you want to reply to comments.