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Calling all of Phoenix! Answered

via Phoenix DIY:

Thursday night is the February meeting for Phoenix DIY!! We'll be meeting at 7:00 at Conspire, in Phoenix. Please bring
anything you'd like to share (food, drinks, ideas, etc). and a folding chair or two. ;)


Josh Campbell, earthen stoves (DIY old-tech)

Bill Mar, Google Sketchup (free 3-D modeling software) tutorial. Anyone interested in following along should bring a laptop and have the free software pre-installed so we can get rolling.

Conspire Gallery
901 N 5th St (on the NE corner of 5th St and Garfield)
Phoenix, AZ 85006 [map]


Damn, so close, yet so far. I hope they have something like this in santa fe.

It's only a days drive if you leave early enough in the morning.

I don't have a car or a license (get it march 24th!!!) :( Maybe next time.

Well... I suppose, at least you're stuck in Santa Fe. I wish I was stuck in Santa Fe. I could think of worse places to be.

Actually, I wish I was stuck in Shoreview, Minnesota (15 mins north of mpls). Santa fe is only good if you have transportation (I even managed to mess up my bike) and you know where all the good places are.