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Camcorder Restoration? Answered

So I have this old VHS camcorder that is sitting around my house. I want to make it into a decent filmmaking camera. however, I think the imager is bad, and the industry has moved away from VHS.

So what I want to do is replace the bad Imager with a HD Imager, maybe a 35mm digital Imager. I also want to replace the VHS deck with a removable portable hard drive, set up to record in an industry standard file format.

How much do you think this would cost? Can I be directed to a store that has these parts? Any other thoughts?


That's one hell of a project. The only thing you're keeping though at the end of the day is the optics. Are you absolutely sure its worth this ?

If I were doing a hack like this, I'd probably dismember a Flip-HD camera.


That's what I thought. Thanks for the input!

You can buy an HD solid state camera in the UK for under £200 in fact


for £45 Why mess about trying to make something work.

Your project is not really a restoration, it's more of a redesign.

If you replace the imager you will have to replace the control unit also.  And it will have to be one that will be able to accept the output from the camera.

To replace the tape drive with a hard drive unit you will have to find an out put that you can convert into something that your hard drive unit will accept.  You have to have a controller for the hard drive.  Something like a laptop computer.  The hard drive is not setup to accept raw data from the camera processor.  It would be very lucky if your camera had a direct output for a hard drive but I doubt it.

If this can be done it is likely to cost far more than just buying a new camera that does what you want it to do.