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Camera Flash Circuit Answered

I know that it's pretty easy to cannibalize a camera flash to do some pretty simple things...but i find it difficult (probably by design) to solder things to these prebuilt boards (especially the "charge button"...that things not built for soldering)...i was wondering if someone could work up a circuit schematic with part numbers (or at least part identification) for a flash circuit like those in a disposable camera...so that someone could build it from scratch in whatever form factor they choose.



11 years ago

The transformer in these things is likely to be a custom made part that you can't buy anywhere :-( I've got a couple PCB designs for strobes using parts from disposable cameras; but they all rely on first removing the components from the disposable camera, and if you're having trouble soldering to the board, removing the components is probably beyond you... However, as a hint, don't try to solder to metal components like the "charge button"; instead find PCB areas already tinned with solder that are electrically equivalent to the button...


Reply 11 years ago

yeah...that's what i'm starting to think...i'm not a solder monkey by any standard...kind of just getting into the electronics modification world...