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Camera Suggestion Answered

I do ALOT of youtube videos, but I also need still good quality still pictures and my camera just died.

I have a budget of around $400.00 and need something that takes HD video

I would like something that either has an external mic jack or takes good audio, my subscribers complain of a high pitched whistle in my current videos (I cannot hear it)

It would also be nice if it could be set up to stream directly to a computer, as I would like to record classes, and some of them are 8-12 hours.

If the Contour +2 took still pictures I would compromise on the picture aspect because I shoot a lot of outdoor action stuff, and a waterproof helmet cam would be nice. 

Right now I use a Nikon S8000, and liked it, but it just wasn't durable (plus the sound issues)

I know I am asking a lot, and will have to compromise something, but I cannot go over $400-$500 budget.

Please recommend something you think would work


Costco has the older GoPros (Hero2 Silver) for $199 (at least they did the other day) - Different Costco locations have different things, but it's worth looking into :)

GoPro Hero3 Black http://gopro.com/cameras/hd-hero3-black-edition You can get the accessories, like a head strap or chest strap and you can go hands free :)

Many point and shoot cameras shoot in HD now, and finding one that is under $400 shouldn't be too tough. Off the top of my head I know the GoPro Hero cameras shoot in HD and are under $400. Interface will dictate which camera you like the best. 

Having a camera that automatically streams footage to the internet sounds like just a webcam and a computer program. They sell HD web cams, but I'm not sure this is what you want (maybe it is). This is solved by having a a/v output on whatever model you choose. This is (somewhat) standard on most digital cameras.

An external mic will solve many of your sound issues. Consider that almost all pro movie makers either talk directly into the mic of the camera they are facing (less than 2' away) or else are mic'ed up somehow. A decent mic should run you about $100.

Dealextreme happen to have a great camera mic floating about for about $35...

Mic in is great for music stuff too, direct in to the camera from the desk...

Camera wise I've got a little Veho MUVI that's only DV but great outdoors, rubbish indoors really but great for being absolutely tiny...

Go Pros are pretty good...

You could maybe pick up a used or get a good deal on an entry level DSLR which would cover you well on both fronts...

The Canon Vixia HF R300 is pretty good for only $250 on Amazon. It's got a Mic In, but not sure about Firewire which you need for streaming.

I'm interested to follow this discussion. Are you only interested in video?

No, I do need the ability to take pictures both for my new book, my new baby, and because y'all guys at instructables perfer step by step picture based instructables overvideo based ones ;).

Like I said, if video was the single objective, I know exactly what fits my perimeters. Its adding in the still photos, meeting the majority of my needs, and staying under budget that is causing me problems.

I can find what i am looking for in the $700 and up range, but I just cannot go that high.