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Can 2 different dc power supplies be added together at the same time for a larger amount? Answered

Hi, I am wanting to provide 96 volts of DC power for a project,  however it cost so much money to buy a power source that big.. can I add other DC power sources to add up to what I want?   or is there an inexpensive way to get it with out all the hassle?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It depends. you could connect a few carbatterys in series. However, this would be expensive. Most DC powersupplies however, have one of the wires connected to ground. if you try to put those in series, you would probably blow a few fuses.

The best way to do would probably be to take your wall outlet and use a transformer to lower the current. Then ad a diode bridge to change the AC into DC.
In order to turn 220 volts into 96 volts you would need a transformer with 2.30 times as much windings on the primary then the secondary.
When you have a 115 volt poweroutlet, you need 1.20 times as much on the primary then the secondary. 
If it really has to be exactly 96 volts, you could always ad a variable resistor in paralel with the transformer, and adjust it to finetune your output.

Check the answers to your question.

DC power supplies can be connected in series so long as they are not grounded. Or you cut off the grounding wire.