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Can Android phone turn on without digitizer? Answered

Hi, I have a Motorola Triumph that was given to me.  It had been dropped, and the screen replace.  I don't think the digitizer was replaced, though, because there was just the connector for a digitizer that had a little chip, but the actual digitizer glass was cut off.  My question is will the phone turn on without a digitizer plugged in?  I would like to know if the phone turns on before I buy a new digitizer.  I have tried turning it on with it plugged into a charger, but am not sure if I need to do something to get it to turn on (new to Android).  Any help is appreciated.  :)




5 years ago

It will turn on (in my experience) - but will have absolutely no input controls other than home tact, volume, and power button. You can remote in with the adk to click things or configure apps, but only if developer mode is already turned on. Digitizers separate from the lcd are usually cheap however -- anywhere from 10-50 dollars.


Answer 5 years ago

Ok, thanks. I have tried to turn in on, but I get nothing. Is their something I need to do to get it turn on, like a certain button combination or something? Thanks.