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Can I 3D print this comb in metal? Answered

I'd like to print a comb in metal but I'm afraid the teeth would break off either before the printing process was complete or upon trying to use it (I would like it to be functional).  I'm also worried about the resolution of using metal to print it.  I'm not sure the teeth of the comb can be printed in metal as they are so close together.  Perhaps you are familiar with 3d (metal) printing and can help me.  Thank you!


If you go the route of printing through a company, there are design guidelines you probably want to be aware of. There's a good description of the metal printing process and some guidelines here on Ponoko's website, for example.


I looked at their guidelines and they say the minimum wall thickness is 3.0mm and the minimum detail resolution is 1.0mm. I measured the teeth at 1.27mm. I think the teeth count as "walls" so this design would be incapable of being printed if that's true. Both are great answers thanks so much, I will have a hard time deciding who to award the 'Best Answer' to.

Are you going to print this on a printer you have access to, or via a 3d printing company?

If the former, try printing just part of the comb first, a short length of the comb with both kinds of teeth in it.

If the latter, you should be able to ask their professional opinion. If they cannot, or will not, give their opinion, find a different company.

I plan on sending it to a printing company to have it made. I may try to contact them, good suggestion!