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Can I Connect A Metal Detector Coil Directly To A Arduino? Answered

I have always wanted to make a metal detector using a arduino but I thought I could harm my arduino by connecting the metal detector coil directly to my arduino so can I directly connect it with my arduino or I have add some circuit before it if yes what would be the circuit?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Here is a very simple metal detector and a tie in to the Arduino.
You can read more about it here.


So can I connect the coil directly to arduino

Yes you can connect the coil directly to the arduino but it wouldn't act as a metal detector without the added circuit.

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4 years ago

Would you please give some introduction about how to program this ??

No that's not how the metal detector works. It relies on the coil making a tuned circuit for an oscillator. When a metallic object comes close the tuned circuit is disturbed and the frequency changed. that frequency difference is what you hear.

You still need the tuned circuit etc - BUT you could take the frequency change out to the microprocessor and then use software to interpret what is happening.