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Can I Use an LED chaser circuit to make a large, sequenced coilgun? Answered

I saw an easy adjustable speed ten LED chaser circuit on the web and was wondering if I could use it to control relays in a coilgun that would be sequenced and therefore acheive higher velocities than others? Also, could I use a Wimshurst machine and homemade capacitors or leyden jars to power it, or do I have to use a ton of camera capacitors? Thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

better off using optical sensors to trigger the next coil cause presumably you want the projectile to constantly accelerate though out the time in the barrel... therefore there will be different time gaps between each coil which will create problems.. all ferronmagnitic materials have a saturation point where past this point, no matter how strong the magnetic field u apply to it will not accelerate any faster.. (im pretty sure thats right might wanna look into that)... my understanding is to get around that u need a bigger a projectile(more volume)... which means need more power.... also means u lose more speed due to friction(air resistance)... good luck with it anyway... let me know how it goes


9 years ago

Homemade capacitors do not have enough microfarads to trigger the solenoid (coil). I have a setup of 6 disposable camera capacitors and they work great! One note: the caps have to be wired in parallel (positive to positive, negative to negative). Also, the voltage of all the caps have to be the same.


Answer 8 years ago

i have several camera caps, all 330 volts, but 80,120, and 160 microfarads. is this a problem?