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Can I add a DIY freezer compartment to my fridge? Answered

I've got a large fridge, without a freezer compartment. I only use a small fraction of the space available in the fridge, so I was wondering if I could add a small freezer compartment to the top of it. The filament (or whatever it's called - the cooling bit) takes up the entire back wall of the fridge. It's built into the back, not visible. This is always getting covered with ice, even on low settings (probably because I only really use it to chill water - something to do with condensation, perhaps?), which I take to mean that it's capable of freezing stuff. And sometimes I leave bottles of water too close to the back of the fridge, and they get frozen solid. I was thinking I could maybe attach some kind of drawer to the back of the thing, just to keep ice cream, etc... But what could I make the drawer out of? Would it need to conduct the cool-ness from the filament at the back? Would I be okay to attach it by screwing into the sides of the fridge? (away from the cooling filament) I've spent all day googling for an answer. You're my only hope.


It's tough. The icing tends to suggest that either you've got the temperature setting too low or that the thermostat is defective or clogged-with ice? You can build a box but I'd advise using glue rather than screws as you'll damage the insulation if you start putting holes in it. For the conduction bit (yes I think you'd need it) copper heat-piping might be a good idea, but that's a bit of work for you to figure-out. Expanded polystyrene is a great insulator, until it gets wet. So like any other insulation you might use it needs to be hermetically-sealed. Something plastic and non-porous I suppose? L

The foil lined house insulation might be a good start for the drawer...

Easy answer - No. Hard Answer - Maybe but you are likely to get intoxicated with the gasses and everything if you don't know what you are doing.