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Can I add links to my instructable? Answered

I am working on a Halloween instructable,  my creation of a character  and need to know if I can add links from other sites in my instructable.  The links will not be a tool for the instructable creation but they will add interest to my instructable for information  purposes ( history facts.) I would like to add a video link as well,  again for information only.   Any help will be appreciated.  


Of course! For links, look for the "globe with chain" icon above the editor box. Highlight the text you want to turn into a hyperlink, then click the icon. That will give you a popup window where you can paste in the URL.

For videos, look for the "filmstrip" icon. Go to your video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, whatever) and get the "embed" XML into your clipboard. Come back to I'bles, and click that filmstrip icon. Paste the embed code into the popup box.

Note: There seems to be a bug in Firefox 3.6.10 where the above sequence doesn't work right. If you have a paid ("PRO") membership, then you can also switch the editor to HTML Source and paste the embed XML directly into the step. Be sure to have it in a "paragraph" by itself, not mixed in with text. You can switch back to the regular editor by hitting the Source button a second time.

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No problem! Welcome to Instructables! I hope that you enjoy the content and contributing to it :-)

As long as it's not spam (eg referral links), feel free.

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Not a problem - welcome to the site.

Thanks for your answers Kelseymh and Kiteman! So fast!