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Can I build a bluetooth keyboard? Answered

I need to build a basic bluetooth computer remote with 4-6 REprogrammable buttons.. kind of like the ones out there for powerpoint presentations... but I want to be able to assign new functions from within the target computer. I'm not sure where the first place to start is... but I do have a bluetooth mini-keyboard that I could open up for parts...?


Much depends on:

1. Your ability to write a suitable program to make the driver

2. Your Electronic skill and knowledge

3. Your b7udget (It will almost certainly be cheaper in the long run to buy)

4. Your time scale (Development isn't usually a short journey)

I don't know the answer to any of these things. How Blue tooth works is well documented across the web I am sure you can find suitable text. The system obviously works because you can buy such a remote.

Personally I would look to using an Xbee or similar wireless technology and linking with one of the small PIC micro controllers that abound.

I might start with a wired system to develop the software.

I might even try to modify something that already exists as a better starting point.

There are programs already that will let you re-assign keys on the fly. Use on of them. No new hardware needed.