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Can I build an Electric motor that can self recharge it own power source? Continual self charging battery powered motor. Answered

I just wondered, If you could take an electric motor like the ones that they use in the electric cars and motor bikes and by adding a generator/alternator ,or turbine to recharge your batteries as it is running. Like making an electric continual self charging battery powered motor.



2 years ago

Take a look at our Drive and Charge project.. http://www.headgone.net/driveandcharge/ we are days away from confirming our idea... we might reach out the the instructables community to help us design a dc to dc boost converter to boost our possibly 700v dc to 1200v... in a few days we will confirm the recharging portion of the design.. to make sure it can self charge without any outside energy or gas...

Hello You test with small motor and dynamo and battery in your home

The Generator INNOVATED by JP, my friend from TN, India is mechanically accelerated with a flywheel support and is rotated by an AC Motor (propeller) which is specially coordinated and interconnected through his own INNOVATED techno-power-booster tools. The prime mover (AC Motor) is wired to self-loop back in order to keep it running, while the generator keep producing far more energy than it consumes, plentifully to keep the prime mover rotated, thereby giving NON-STOP ENERGY (24 hours a day, years long!) with enough extra left over to use extensively by multiple external loads! His demonstrated AC Motor takes 030 HP (22.37 kw) power and the Generator GIVES OUT 134 HP (99.92 kw) power supporting running of bulbs, welding machine, another AC Motor etc at the same time. I have visited his location and workshop several times and for details please visit my promo blog www.aceinventions.blogspot.com )also facebook pages are available.

It's been done so it is possible to duplicate.


I'm interested in this myself but that one charges while you pedal, I want to design one that charges while you ride just to use for commute.

The dream of self charging an electric car will amount to perpetual motion. It is a glorious wonderful dream in theory but current technology is insufficient to make it true reality. Any attempt to recover energy by current form of spinning coil and magnet method will only pull harder on the electric motor running the car. A generator is only 40 percent efficient, rest turn into losses like heat and friction. The more generator you add, the more energy the car is going to consume from the very batteries youre trying to sustain.Its a terrible dilemma that persists. However having said that we should never lose hope and dare to dream because many patents have been made by special talents in the past having some success in making improvements in generator designs. Bedini made a crude simple self running motor in 1984. Tesla drove a modified electric car in 1930s that extracted energy from the surroundings. An inventor called Aviso claimed to run an 11000watt motor using only one 12volt battery and other electronic contraptions. DePalma,Adam Trombly and Parahamsa Tewari all made special homopolar generators that were at least 150percent efficient in the 1980s...these technologies are definitely known to special people but yet to be made available to the masses ..so Dare to dream and work toward your goal to make it happen !

yeh most of those men who made those inventions died "suspicious" deaths. should it have taken off it would have crushed the mighty gas and oil industry. there are many ways of making this technology and it has been made several times. each time its the same result. dont fu@# with big cooperations money.

yeh most of those men who made those inventions died "suspicious" deaths. should it have taken off it would have crushed the mighty gas and oil industry. there are many ways of making this technology and it has been made several times. each time its the same result. dont fu@# with big cooperations money.

had you thought about (or tried?) putting a front generator hub in that would produce more energy than the rear hub expends as you roll and use a smart battery charge controller to take care of the excess energy so you don't blow out your batteries?


3 years ago

This is an electric bike project i have recently completed, The eco-booster dynamo bike. Its concept is a modified friction dynamo providing enough volts to re-charge the twin battery pack that runs the bikes hubbed motor, the solar mudguard also adds some energy on sunny days. On tests it recharges itself, I know there's no such thing as FREE-ENERGY but is this possibly a solution to a regeneration of energy through velocity/motion- i don't know, perhaps if the idea is taken up by the big firms researching/funding this area, I real, proven concept may become a reality .


I may have found well thought of how to make it work but its just a mechanical theory any engenders out there that can give insight would be appreciated

If you ever tooken a phyisc class, you would know that one of the laws of energy is that energy cant be distroy or crated but change form of energy.
This means that you can't build a genarator just out of the car but putting some magnet on the axis so it would spin and make coil around it. The transfer of energy would increass the efficient of the car. That happans because the KE of the car going foward isnt the engin full efficentcy.Having fans on the car would slow down the car but it would be cerate its own energy so it would be just for show. Solar panals and this https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-a-thermoelectric-lamp/ on the engin would be best for making a continual seft charging battery.

I'm sorry but you sound ridiculous. If you move a wire within a magnetic field, you generate electricity. That's one of the simplest explanations out there. So, when you said "you can't build a genarator just out of the car but putting some magnet on the axis so it would spin and make coil around it." - (which doesn't make ANY sense by the way) having magnets spin within a stator which you're describing, will indeed generate an electric current.

But then it would spin forever because the magnet is permament, i say put an electro magnet, generators on axel, solar panels on the roof and possibly air turbine on the sides.

You're talking about perpetual energy. People haven't managed to figure that out yet. If you do, let me know. I'll happily buy the plans from you. :D However, i suppose you could have some form of energy reclaim, but nowhere near as much as is used to move the vehicle. Plus the very act of reclaiming the energy takes power away from propelling the vehicle itself. All in all very inefficient, and probably very little, if any, gain.

if you do your research or read the above slower, the understanding of energy maxed out long before the information was released. Tesla Did amazing things with energy things that were never duplicated, now things have been and are being done with energy closer to what tesla accomplished but the people with interests on the line wont allow people access. they allow speculation and just enough information to keep your interests going. But there are a ton of little projects you can do for free self sustaining energy if you look for them. but your really gonna sit there and say nobody has created beyond this point. well they have I've meet a few of them myself, but these inventions get bought and stored away by companies like the light industry etc. so they can keep making their money off the people who wont get off their lazy butts and do something about it. this includes me too. Do some research before you start spitting out the General understanding of stupidity in this world. Dont believe what they're tell u. There is a God, there is good and evil, you dont need what their selling and you dont need to spend your life chasing after money and or sex. They do have the ability to make an unencumbered world that has no hunger, no worries and no problems, the real problem isn't the ability but the willingness. When Greed Takes the priority over the lives of others, What do you do?

Same as dilandou You are talking about perpetual motion. No such thing (so far). But some have come close. Try designing a motor with permanent magnets - rotating Dave F.

No,but in a car like the 48volt motor if you could generate power back to your battery that would keep you going. break it down to store back power from source.

it can be done right people working together can do this

I use rechargeable batteries. Why can't I drive a Self Rechargeable Vehicle. The secret is not to start from scratch. To have the best Self Rechargeable Electric Vehicle. You have to look at the best Electric Vehicle. I know it can be done but not by those who say it can't. Lol!!!

Like a Prius....

This equation allows for the ZPE theory a almost perfect transfer of energy. the law of theodynamics says energy can nether be created or destroyed. energy can be transfered from one point to another . Thus (g{p) = h-Ts or even Gravity times Perpetual Energy equals Intitial Mommentum minus Time over relative speed. shows a transfer in energy from perpetual energy and gravity and the change of it into the final Energy. Pe = Ke a simple perpetual energy = Initial Kinetic Energy Energy Is Transferable it is how it is transfered that brings the decay or chaos process into being. I hope that gives people things to think about.


Self recharging electric vehicle..


here is a idea. have a generator attaches to the axel, have solor panels on the roof hood, and trunk. have a battery array in the trunk. and program the cars computer to coast once at a sufficient speed. and once it gets going too slow kick back into gear. if you do that you can go on for ever without stopping because as long as your wheels are moveing or your in the light your generating powerregardless on how much your using.

A friend and I were actually discussing this a few nights ago
My answer: Change the axle to a magnetic metal. Put a bunch of holes in your car and have little fans behind them charging off the air flow. Cover the top of your car in solar pannels. Have a tube hooked up to your liquid waste from your body hooked to a hydrogen removing source. Hook a tube up to your solid waste hole and have your car store that then burn it for methane power. Grow kudzoo in your car, and burn that for biofuel, and/or food. There now uve got a perpetual motion car that u never have to leave. Actually to make it big enough it would have to be an R.V.

 This don't really have anything to do with your idea but I was wondering why
trains don't have self charging systems on them. If they had a charging system on every axle and two mega batteries. Your idea could be applied to trains as well but on a more massive scale.

in theory if you could have enough solar panels and amps running to the batteries it could recharge as its discharging, but it would take ALOT of energy, cool idea.

As previously stated by others, every system be it electrical or mechanical incurs loss. This is most commonly caused by mechanical friction and electrical resistance. Your motor would have to produce what is called a 'coefficient of performance' (COP) of > 1 or 'over unity'. What this means is your motor would need to generate more power than it requires to run. That is much more complicated than it sounds! If you are interested in over unity motors it is worth googling John Bedini and Tom Bearden and read up on some of their research. Good luck!

Of course, it's called a perpetual motion machine, and various version of these have been around since Robert Fludd's 1618 water screw. Don't regard the other answers here with their statements of impossibility, they're part of a massive conspiracy started by Thomas Jefferson in order to quell the technology from European rivals and thus to turn the United States into the world superpower it is today.


8 years ago

I made a solar powered flashlight. Instead of the mirrors inside to reflect light it had solar panels.

no you can't do that, it would result in division by zero. example: you make the thing, you power on the thing, FFFFFFFUUUUU- and the whole world goes HNNNNGGGG

If you create such a thing I'll buy it off you for a million quid.

it wouldnt be very efficent because energy would be lost because the motor is not 100% efficent so it would loose energy then the linkage between the genarator and the motor then the genarator would loose energy because it is not 100% percent efficent and the thing overall would loose energy because of friction but here is an interesting experiment get 2 motors that are the same and connect them to each other positive to positvive...e.c.t. and connect wheels to the shafts then if you turn one of the motors the other turns almost the same amount because a motor becomes a genarator if you turn the shaft!!! hope this helped!!! cm

OK, I that point,but I thought you could use an electric feed back from the wheels as to (2to1) output ,where as 25mph would charge like a tubine to =or> power used and is stored back to the battery

You could, But it won't be efficient, and eventually it will die