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Can I buy one PDF plan and that's all.? Answered

I never use this website and I don't build things. But a friend sent me a link to a standing desk that I want to have built:


I'd like to buy the PDF instructions for that desk but I don't want to subscribe for three months or pay for a year. I just want to buy that one PDF and then I'll probably never use this site again because I don't build things.

Is there a way to purchase only one PDF instructions without subscribing to a Pro Membership?


You could simply copy-paste the contents of that page intoma word document.

Slightly less convenient than a download, but much cheaper.

In the meantime, check your You inbox.

Wow. Thanks. But I already bought it by signing up for a three-month subscription. I should have waited.

Ah, well.

Spread the love, pass a file on to somebody else.