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Can I connect a 350 mA red led (2.5 v) to a micropuck, or are they for white only? Answered



9 years ago

You can connect LED /any colour/350 mA /2,5 V/ to a source providing 350 mA or less and 2,5V or less -no problem. In the case you are not sure try a resistor in series with the LED and the micropuck. Do not forget to look at the LEDs and source polarity. In some cases, you also need a cooler.

Thanks Edison & Frollard. Think I will just have to buy one & experiment.

As edison says (lol @ connection between electrical question and 'edison'...) The puck will probably put out 3+ volts if it's for white leds. Check and make sure before you connect it by testing with a multimeter. It seems wasteful to hook up a 2.5v led to a 3.5v regulated puck with a resistor to drop 1 volt :(