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Can I connect an Xbox360 to Live without a router? Answered

I was wondering if I could, such as connecting directly to a desktop or laptop. No, i do not have a wireless card for the 360.


The new Xbox Elite doesn't need one, and it automatically has a hard drive built into it, so its better than the old one

I'm new to live but i think you can plug it into the dial-up plug or whatever your computer uses with the system link cable or a similar cable. Microsoft may adveritse that you need to buy one of their wireless connections but you can actualy use the cable to plug it into almost any internet divice.

Live needs a connection to a remote server, is it "how do I use my PC's internet connection for Live"? L


8 years ago

How is the laptop/desktop connected to the internet?

I do not believe so, but you can plug it into a modem.

i know this, but i do not have a modem. so yeah, it sucks.