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Can I convert a 2 stroke scooter engine to fuel injection for less pollution ? Are there conversion kits available? Answered


Fuel injection, by it self, does not decrease pollution or reduce fuel consumption. It is the control system that does it, by closely monitoring the engine; heat, pressures, intake and exhaust gases and controlling fuel delivery using complicated mathematical formulas. Therefore, to work properly, the control system needs to be designed for your engine.
The most effective way to decrease pollution, from your engine, would be to fit catalytic converter on your exhaust.
The simplest solution, after the catalytic converter, would be to buy a different, better, carburetor and premix the 2 stroke oil. Like from tct.is or other aftermarket carburetor manufacturers. Tct claims to reduce pollution, most others claim to increase power.
Or you could convert it to gas for much lower pollution (LPG) http://www.bikestaff.com/gassino.html (in Italian) They should have kits available.

Buy a 4-stroke.
2-strokes burn oil, it's part of the design, they don't exhaust-scavenge well, they are 2-strokes. Fuel-injection won't improve anything.


there is already a 2- stroke that has twice the horse power and burns as clean as a four stroke. Evinrude's E - TEC engines look them up.

Direct-injection, but the lubrication-system is either the same or cannot be retro-fitted to this engine here?


actually the e-tec injection does inject the oil right into the engine case stress points for lubrication. You are right that there is not an easy way to convert a standard 2- stroke to the e-tec style motor. However there is much advantage to injected 2- strokes which do exist. for one thing fuel economy is better but you can also get allot more power out of fuel injected 2- strokes. I am a professional mechanic and I have a business building High performance 2- strokes. Nos. injection boost bottles and stroker motors. We are moving to fuel injection for performance reasons. Frankly fuel injected 2 strokes are the future. the 2 stroke design is much better than the 4 stroke on everything but emissions. 2 strokes have less parts they are cheap and easy to fix and on average make 2 the power of the same size 4- stroke.

What do you know about diesel? (a bit more my area)


check this company out. they offer a direct injection kit for two strokes to clean them up.


If your scooter already has a carb. then it should be possible to convert it to fuel injection.  It would be pretty expensive, maybe more than the scooter cost.  I've never seen a conversion kit for one.  You'd be better off looking for an existing unit that you could adapt.


Convert it to a 4 cycle engine and you would do more to clean up the exhaust.  A two stroke burns a mixture of gas and oil.  A 4 stroke burns no oil if it's in good repair.

Or, convert it to electric and make a real reduction on the pollution that IT puts into the atmosphere.

Though even if you run your scooter 100 miles a day you are putting very little pollution into the atmosphere.

It would be much more efficient if you put the effort and money into other ways of cleaning up the atmosphere.