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Can I convert an appliance that runs off of 220v to run off of 110v? Answered

I am going to move from Germany back to the states soon and I would like to avoid selling some of my larger and more preferred electronics.  I know I can buy a step up converter but I don't want to have a giant black box sitting in my living room for the next five years.  Electronics is not really my thing but I can learn and figure out what I need to.  I just need to know if it is possible to permanently convert 220v to run off of 110v.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You've got two ways of doing this:

Your American house will have 220V in the breaker panel, its usually configure to run dryers etc, but there is no fundamental reason that you shouldn't set up 220V outlets

I have an English friend who wired his house with its own 110V supply for equal and opposite reasons.

Take a load of German sockets with you, and wire your own special circuit, if you have the experience.

...or lots of modern stuff has universal input voltage converters, and will work from 80...240V 50/60 input. Take very close look at your existing kit and you may be pleasantly surprised.


Answer 8 years ago

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