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Can I convert movies from Apple iTunes Rentals? Answered

So, to get right to the point, was just wondering if  I could in any way convert movies from Apple iTunes Rentals.

Not really that good with this sorta things so I figured I should ask for advice from someone who's already familiar with Apple itunes and with how to convert movies from Apple iTunes Rentals.

Any suggestions guys?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Yeap, google can be indeed a man's best friend. I think theoretically, and you didn't hear this from me of course, you can use Audials Tunebite, it's some piece of software I've been using.

I usually use it to capture and save streaming videos or music from the internet and occasionally for screen capturing stuff and such things but I know it also works to convert protected videos, movies etc.

There's some tutorial on how to use it to unprotect and convert iTunes rentals m4v movies and videos, so I guess It might work for your problem.

Don't think I ever used it to convert Apple iTunes Rentals so can't tell you how it works but I guess you can find that out for yourself.

Good luck.

Yeah I know, but honestly I wanted to see how or what to use to unprotect or convert iTunes rentals movies and videos from some reliable person or from at least somebody who has some insight about this thing.

Noticed a couple of days that there are some conversion tools that say they can be used tot unlock and convert Apple iTunes Rentals m4v movies, but I don't really trust any site that boasts about that their converter can do it.

Rather be careful about what I install on my computer.

Anyways, thanks for suggesting that Audials Tunebite converter program, will check it out.

Well, bottom line is that I took a look last night at that Audials Tunebite piece of software you recommended it would work to unprotect and convert Apple iTunes rental m4v movies and videos.

Looks quite interesting and seems to do a good job at converting apple iTunes rentals movies so I am pretty sure I would go with this one.

Thanks for the tip again.

Yeah, this kinda things are a bit frowned upon but from a theoretical point of view it is indeed possible to unprotect and convert m4v Apple Itunes rental movies or videos or whatever.

Even movie or video rentals have Apple drm protection all over them, but I guess as well in this case google should be quite good at solving this.

You can look for something like unprotect or unlock Apple Itunes movies or, even better, convert m4v Apple Itunes rentals movies and see what kinda converter programs are suggested round there.

Umm, I see.

I was rather hoping to get more specific ideas on what to use to convert Apple iTunes Rental movies or videos or something like this from someone who already does it than having to google for it.

Oh well, guess google's might help me.


7 years ago

If you OWN a DVD, blue ray, VHS, ect, you have the right to make a backup copy of it. However renting something does not give you the rights to keep it in any form. For example, if you borrow a book from the library you can read it and even make quotations from it, but you don't have the right to make a copy and keep it. That;s why buying a movie costs more that renting one. You pay for the right to keep it.

Myeah, I see.

Oh well, I was kinda hoping this also falls under fair use and I might actually be able to convert a couple of movies from Apple iTunes Rentals.

I was just asking to see if it's possible or not.

Well, uhm, like stated before. It's possible, but maybe not legal. But I guess everyone has decided for him/herself.


7 years ago

Technically possible? I think so.
Legal? Depends on where you live.

It's all about DRM (Digital Rights Management).
If you google something like iTunes-rental to avi, you'll find a lot of links. I didn't follow them yet, but I bet you'll find a nice little software package doing what you want.

Just don't say I told you to do this later... ;-)

Ahem, tell me what? I don't see anything here on how I could unprotect or convert movies from Apple iTunes rentals or anything like this.:D