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Can I extract these components from old devices, SGA4286, RFMT25, CTX259-ND, where? ? Answered

Thank you everyone here
I am student, I am making a Jammer, and looking for these components:

CTX259-ND (MXO45HST-80.000)

Please help me if you can tell Which devices I may find them or any of them?
Just thinking for extracting and re use them in my project.
I am planning to get them even if I buy, but i couldn't find them in one web-store, I have to buy them from different stores this will make shipping cost so high for my budget.

Thank you again

Mar M.



You may want to find equivalent replacement parts. Seems those are obsolete.

What schematics are you using for this project?

Thank you,
Will look for alternatives. this is schematic
http://im31.gulfup.com/IcjHX.png, i got it from this website: gbppr.dyndns.org