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Can I fit Ps3 sixaxis componets in a NES controller case? Answered

I dont have a sixaxis Ps3 controller to check, if you could post a picture of the circut board with a ruler next to it that would be great. Also I mean the Sixaxis one, not dual shock, without the rumblers for vibration.



5 years ago

You can look at any PS2 or PS3 controller and get a good idea of the size of the board(s) and weather they will fit or not. But i can tell you right now it won't fit into the NES case. The PS3 controller is wider than an NES controller is. So you won't be able to fit the circuit board in there. Not to mention there would be no where to place the L and R buttons.

If you really want an NES looking PS3 controller than you'll have to make a custom case that looks like an NES controller.


Answer 5 years ago

you are thinking of the wrong controller, I mean the early sixaxis one. this one: http://www.ps3-accessory.com/further-features-of-ps3-wireless-controller/
I know I would have to mod the case for the triggers and joysticks