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Can I fix a hole in my jeans with out a patch (right back pocket left side) Answered

I have a hole in the back of my favorite jeans I tried sewing them but as I am a novice in that department the hole opened up at the worst of times in class the hole is on the side of my right back pocket and I was wondering if I can fix it with out resorting to a patch? 1st Picture is the hole after previous attempt 2nd Pic is previous attempt at fixing them



I think what i will do is sew it shut then iron a patch behind the stichings

I have had this happen to a number of my jeans. Any idea what causes it? I don't think I've been doing anything that would cause them but if I am I would like to know so I can hopefully stop it.

If you want to stabilise the hole, sew around the edge. If you want to replace lost fabric you'll have to patch it. Unless you reckon it'll look better with the edges of the hole sewn together (pic 2) You could fit something in/over the hole that looks good as a patch / filler, as a feature? L

Well, you *could, but here';s what I'd do instead. Go to to a Craft/Fabric store like Jo-Anne Fabric and buy an iron on patch in a color similar to the faded jeans. The women there3 are very helpful, whether you're a guy or a girl....then iron it on FROM THE INSIDE... Get a patch with plenty of overlap...the more it overlaps the hole the better. I know you're asking about sewing, but from my experience, it's a much easier route to go. best wishes