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Can I fix this? (Update!!!!) Answered

Ok guys... I really need some help, I know there are some motor-heads around here on the forum, I really need some help from people on here with metal working/motorcycle/general small engine knowledge!!!

See umm... yesterday, yeah well look at the pictures.. and trust me, my body is almost as mangled as the bike in the picture. I don't stop for NO ONE though, I want to fix this as my dad is pretty pissed about it (this weekend is father's day and he was looking forward to taking it out for a drive). Not only that.. MY BIKE IS TOTALED F?CK!

I've done some googling and I can order some parts from the baja powersports website, as they have a parts catalog and even pictures to go with each part they sell, the weird thing is that they have like ALL the parts I could ever replace on the bike... except the front suspension.. like seriously everything under the kitchen sink EXCEPT any major front end parts (like said suspension)...

Anyways guys, can someone PLEASE help me out here? I called a number on the baja powersports website and the guy said they don't directly deal with parts (even though it said it was a Canadian toll free parts number) and he asked for my postal code and found the closest "shop" next to me which is about a 30 min drive from here but oh well, I need the parts!

Anyways look at the damage, it's pretty screwed up as you can see in the picture. But I want to know if maybe I can errr "bandage" it up a bit until I get said parts. The rim is kinda bent too... but I think it'll still roll forwards, I have the front end back together, my the left side sheered right off the bike and that part of the suspension will have to be replaced aswell..

Long post I know, but I'm a bloody hurting unit today, and my dad is very pissed off with me, this is a BRAND NEW bike guys! Surely someone can help me figure something?


After playing some phone tag and talking to A LOT OF PEOPLE over the phone, I'm getting like $500 worth of bike parts shipped to me within one business week, RIGHT TO MY DOOR! I'll tell you now when I hung up the phone with the guy, I nearly jumped through the ceiling, it's all gonna be covered under warrenty, even the shipping!!!!! I told the guy I'll be thanking him until next year!

So all in all, my knee is still buggered up, but I'm a lot happier knowing that my 2 month old bike isn't a COMPLETE write-off! Thanks for the help anyways guys.... oh wait what am I saying, thanks for the criticism! But all in all, thanks for being by my side to laugh at my foolish mistakes fellow instructables members...

I hope that everyone that reads this topic will see this and learn to be more responsible when driving ANY motorized vehicle!


. If the motor falls off, it's not good, but it's no big deal. Same with the back wheel. Different story with the front wheel. I wouldn't recommend jury-rigging it - get the right parts.

I basically came to the same conclusion about that.. I tried duct taping the fork back together but then they were too bent to slide back into the bike... Anyways read my response to PKM, I had responded to you days ago too and just saw today that apparently my comments never actually saved!!!


8 years ago

Ditto what Nacho said- a human is a head and a body, a motorbike is a front wheel and all the rest. If that's the dropout on the left fork leg I can see, the fork is scrap. I'd guess you'd need to replace at least the fork legs and both triple trees, not sure about the front brake etc. This in itself might not be economical- I'd phone the shop that's a 30 minute drive away, see if you can get these parts replaced (and delivered) and ask around some owners of the specific bike you have whether taking apart the front headset bearing to replace the fork is at all feasible.

Well, been nice knowin' ya.