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Can I fix this Toshiba net-book? Answered

I put my net-book (Toshiba nb250) in my backpack, 4 beers, and took off.  I soon there after crashed.  Got up, rolled on, and then my back got wet..... I busted 2 beers!  So, there was not much I could do and Shcktop is high in sugar. Can I salvage this and what may my chances be?


ALL batteries out, as fast as possible.

Wash in distilled or very soft water and dry carefully for the next week.



6 years ago

I got more action out of it but i killed the screen.


6 years ago

Well, you know your not supposed to drink and "drive", or is that drive and then drink?
Learning the hard way is always difficult but it also hammers the lessons home. Liquid and tech dot mix unless under very controlled situations.

It might be salvageable but it will take some work. Steve gave you the short version. I would remove everything like the keyboard, hard drive, anything that comes off easily. Some of the netbooks I have seen are very difficult to take apart. Well, now is your chance, and don't worry about your warranty as that went out the window with the beer.
Try and determine if the liquid penetrated all the way inside. It might have just gotten the outside areas wet. If its wet inside then you will have to completely clean it. Expose as much as you can and open as much as you can. Wash with water anything that needs it and then used gently compressed air or a blower (A reversed vacuum cleaner works good) and blow out as much waster as you can. Then set it all aside and leave it for a week. Make sure its open so any water left will evaporate. Then reassemble and hope for the best. Your biggest problem could be the screen. Do the same thing with it, disassemble, wash, blow dry and then air dry. Take pictures of all the connections and screws if you think you might forget where they go.

Assuming I was drunk when I left the house.

+1. fwiw, a well placed desk fan (blowing across the surface of the components being dried) can help to speed the drying time a bit.

What do you know about it that is definately-knackered or not?