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Can I get a 15-20 foot antenna to work on my wifi router? I have a antenna that was used for police radios at a station? Answered

The antenna was first used for a police radio but I want to adapt it for wifi. I think I just need an high power amplifer


I'd presume the old antenna was 1/4 wave dipole type. You can't use any old antenna for a wi-fi antenna, you need it to be the right length for the wavelength to be transmitted, which for wi-fi is about 125 mm, so a wi-fi 1/4 wave antenna is about 31mm long ! By the way, using a power amplifier on a wifi signal is likely to get you heavily fined in the USA or EU or even a prison sentence.

Depends on the amplifer and the output level of your router. Personally, i use a 150 watt unit at each end, and reroute the data through a digital mode.

Instead, you might want to investigate directional antennas -- websearch "cantenna" to find many designs. These too technically violate FCC rules, but they're a heck of a lot less likely to actually get you in trouble.

In addition to the other answer: wi-fi works in both directions, it's little use to have one half of the system big and powerful without the other. L