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Can I get an adapter that will let me plug a 12v car cooler/warmer into a regular wall plug? Where can I get one? Answered

This is just one of those small 6L travel coolers. I need to know exactly what kind of adapter I need to get and where I can get one. Also, if you know about how much they run that would be great! Thanks!


WalMart sells one in their electronic's section. It's branded "PowerLine" but it may come under other names as it's a generic product. ~$15 in Canada It's the cheapest one of all the local retail chains.

yes you can purchase a wall adapter for a 12v. car cooler/warmer. I found one on ebay for $6.95. There are prolly many places to go to purchase one but that is where i found one at. Just type in at google or your search engine (12v. car adapter for 110v wall outlet) and it will bring up many different sites where you can purchase one.