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Can I get banned for posting a referral link on my Instructable? Answered

I want to post an Instructable telling people how to get free prizes, but am I allowed to post my referral link?


. As others have pointed out, referral links in iBles and most of the forums are discouraged by the community and a violation of the TOS. They should be acceptable in the Marketplace forum.

Sorry it took so long for me to delete it. I went on a three day vacation to the lake.

It shouldn't be a problem.

you ought to give full disclosure about whats going on - you wont get flak for that.

Alright, there is a website that gives out free prizes when you complete offers, and if i refer people then I get more points, but I also want to make the Instructable so that other people can get free prizes. So if I make the Instructable with a referral link in it, will I get banned/will people hate me?

sounds like a pyramid scam - instructables users can't really expect to refer a lot of people without doing what you're doing. Maybe it's not so appropriate. - I'm not a mod so I can't say either way.

As long as you call your ible 'how to get in on some free offers'
and then have step one - 'this is a method of getting free stuff by completing offers. Disclaimer - I get a referral bonus if you use this link: dadadadada'

It has to be worthwhile for the instructables community to 'gain' from your instructable, not you gain from the instructables community.

Referal Instructables contradict the Terms of Service.

Specifically, in section 8g, you agree not to;

Upload, post or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation;

There you have it, you can post the scheme, just not gain from it :D

Going by the letter (and I believe spirit) of the rules, you shouldn't post them, either.

I mean along the lines of legitimate opportunities for ibles members to get stuff, while not offering any gain for any third parties, including the poster, I think it should be 'okay'.

odds are - this doesnt fall in that philanthropic category.

A philanthropic post wouldn't include referral links, and would be posted in forums.

I just checked - Shadow Dragon's project has not been deleted, but it is no longer in the public lists, and does not show up on a search. So, I think the admins have spoken.

People on here don't really take to the whole "referral" schemes, We all know that to get anything you could spend on trials and whatever more than what your getting. I've tried myself but when you really start to look into it you see what a big scam it is, sure people do get there end product but after what? Taking out 5 "free" credit cards, 10 trials of love film and 24 online bingo accounts lol.

Also, if any of the resourceful folks here were interested in a pyramid (ahem... multi level marketing) scheme, they would probably try to get in near the top of the heap, so as to as to have more suckers (er... subsidiary partners) below them to send money.