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Can I get some help on EL wire? Answered

Alright I have a project in mind. I just got done watching Tron Legacy ( literally ) and have a fascination with the ID Disks. So I want to buy some of the deluxe versions, but I heard they aren't very good (i.e. sound and light is decent). I am not for decent. First things I thought was of using EL wire so here are some of my questions:

How do I calculate how many volts/amps needed to light this puppy up to no end?

Can I make this rechargeable?

Can I hot glue this to the sides? 

How bright are they? 

How easy to wire?

I'd have more questions but I think that is enough. So can someone please help? I want this thing to be nice and bright. 



Best Answer 7 years ago

EL wire is a bit tricky to work with - there are great ibles on how to do the steps iceng suggests (which are all fantastic).

Thing is, for anything you want 'bright' not just 'lit up a little bit' - you want to stick with LED.

So EL wire isn't very bright? I just want consistent light, and something that's bright. I don't want to spend a headache trying to wire a bunch of LEDs in parallel

Simplicity is the tradeoff for output power. You can clearly see it, but it won't glow brightly enough to illuminate other things like an led would.

In a dark room it really stands out.
In a lit room, it's luminescence is near invisible.

I gave some to my friends daughter
Who by the time dinner was over had wound it
the EL wire into her sweater and did an neat lighted impromptu dance for us.
All in lighted rooms, and continued to use it in Ballet classes for months after.


Alright so EL wire isn't too bright. But the reason I want to use it is because the light is consistent, meaning there is even light, no spots that are a bit faded in light. So is there any other way besides wiring a bunch of LEDs in parallel?

Looks like I'm a bit late to this thread - but I'd suggest looking at some of the tutorials people have online for making their disc consistently lit. If you're in for a more complex project, there is a Netduino project that uses a Max7221 led driver for some very cool effects.  I made an AVR version myself (for a costume for my daughter) which I'm planning on posting eventually.


7 years ago

1)  EL ( electroluminescent wire ) needs an AC inverter ( about 400 cycles )

2)  The longer wire needs a bigger inverter  ( EL wire is mostly capacitive )

3)  The inverters are mostly battery operated ( You can recharge batteries )

4)  Different colors have different intensity ( yellow/ green is my favorite )

5)  Usually You buy long and cut to length yourself. ( got to seal cut end )

6 )  As long as you don't let moisture get inside they  will continue to work .
      ( I have 10 yr old  15' wire )

7)  Use the pointer to answer more questions.