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Can I get something a little bit larger? Answered

I want to show my friend how awesome instructables is, and I want to show him the power of 3d printing as well.  So I wanted to print him an ipod case, but it is just barely too long.  It isn't like it is tall, just a little bit too long.


More info would be nice. Which of the hundreds of possible 3D printers do you have?

How are your skills with creating a 3D CAD file? Have you considered reworking the case so it is a 2 piece design that can snap together allowing you to print it on your printer?

no, I mean free 3d print. I gues a two part case would work, but my computer is having some problems, so I couldn't design my own.

I've been waiting for my 3D prints from the Make It Real Challenge that ended back in early June. So i wouldn't expect any free 3D prints you've recently won to show up any time soon. So you should have plenty of time to rework the case and submit what you want.