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Can I get/make a functional one of these guns? Answered

Here is a gun that i found from some site, it doesn't actually exist, but is it possible to make one of these that fires 6mm bbs or any air gun rounds ( maybe even crossbow bolts if it helps)? The main pistol grip is a lot like that of a walther ppk and it does have a retractable stock like that of a mp5 ( but this isn't a needed feature either)


you could build the body of the gun around the M202B P99. electric semi or full not very powerfull though. on justbbguns and gnie stuff. it has the basic shape.

i think i might use that, its a lot cheaper then buying an air pistol, although at the moment i dont have the time or money, i might try in a few weeeks.

You can make anything you can dream up.  find a bb gun that already had the basic shape and add to that.  No sense trying to start from scratch.

Gammo has a semi-auto pistol that looks very much like the basic gun.

I just looked it up.  It's a Gamo p23.  It'lll still need lots of "morphin" but it would be a good start and they shoot pretty well.