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Can I have 2 Wireless and 1 Wired connection to the same Modem? Answered

Hi Guys, I know some about comps, but I have never dealt with wireless before. I just got a laptop. I have a DSL 2 Wire modem that is 4 port wired and has wireless. I am going to hook my laptop to the wireless, my question is, If I hook yet another comp. up, (3 comps total) can I have a second wireless to the same modem, or do I need a router?


Most modems/gateways I've seen have 4 physical ports. If they have Wi-Fi capability, you can technically connect hundreds of devices to it.

Some are usually limited to 50 wireless connections maximum. But go on and connect as much as you want.

If you have the same wireless gateway as the one below, then you can have up to 4 wired computers and numerous wireless. I have the same one and have at least 3, if not more wireless laptops connected at once.


if your modem has 4 wired ports and wireless it is gonna ack like a router and should support the 4 wired connections and up to so many wireless ones how many depends on the make and model but im bettin more than 4