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Can I hook a USB printer to a wireless router? Answered

I had an HP printer with an Ethernet port hooked up to my wireless router so I could print from the laptop in the other room. Worked great til the printer broke. Just bought a new Kodak printer, but it only has USB. As it stands I have to carry the laptop to the other room and hook it up via USB to print. Is it possible to hook up my USB printer through the router?


You need a print server. An example would be the Linksys PSUS4, which has 4 ethernet ports and a USB port. Cost is between $40 and $60.

Not unless the printer speaks wireless, or the router is running printer-server software along with its routing tasks, or you plug the printer into a computer which is connected to the network and configured to act as a printer server.

Depends on the router, a select few will act as a printserver over USB as well as routers.

Which Kodak printer? Model number? Do the specs say that it comes with WiFi built in? If not, you could get an Ethernet-to-USB adapter for about $20.