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Can I include a link to my blog or website at the end of my instructable? Answered

I love instructables. I wouldn't want to take advantage of a public forum like this, so I have a question about etiquette: can I post a link to my blog/website at the end of my instructable?


What NachoMahma said (and I'm just a user as well), and also -- thank you so much for asking! I think just doing so ought to give you a bit more slack than usual.

. I'm just another user, so this answer doesn't carry any authority, but as long as it's really an iBle (ie, not just an attempt to sell something or drive traffic to your site), that should be perfectly OK. Not at all uncommon for users to link to their efforts/accomplishments outside of Instructables. We've even tolerated a little "SPAM" from long-time users who have started "garage" businesses.
. If you're reasonably sure it's not SPAM, post it and see what the reaction is. We'll let you know if we think it's over the line. ;)