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Can I install windows xp if I have a windows xp pro install disk and a windows xp home product key.? Answered



4 years ago

Kinda like a "hachintosh".

Completely no. Even the same kind of disk have the same key!

Sometimes if you call microsoft and ask the right way (like you lost the activation codes) they will help you get a new code for xp pro

If the install will go far enough to be able to access the windows/system files, I'm fairly sure that there was a file from which the product key could be read, although that may only be possible once you have installed, so still requires a key. Worth looking up though, just in case it works.

If you really can't find the key, you could try looking for a crack (I'm assuming that this is a legit copy, although the legality of using a crack is still questionable).


7 years ago

Just borrow a XP home disk from someone and then use your key. If the key is valid it should work with most of the install disks. I have run into trouble with the various service packs though. Some of the older keys don't work with the newer service packs and some of the new keys don't work with the older discs. So try to get a SP2 disc since they seem to be more universal in terms of keys.

No, but if it is anything like windows 7, you should be able to download the trial of xp home and activate it with your key.

You need a product key that matches the install disc, so "no, not just like that".