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Can I install windows xp sp2 on a portable usb HD? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

The xp installer allows you to choose a usb drive - but I wouldn't recommend it. Accidental unplugging would cause instability, and could create permenant damage (windows doesnt expect its root drive to stop responding...ever) ;) You might need to assign the drive letter and set it to active in a formatting utility.

i deleted the partition table of my internal HDD by mistake. so i want to install xp on an external HDD and recover the partitions. is there any such software to do that???

Xp can be installed on a drive that is unformatted, or has no partitions. Just run the xp disk (bootable) and select the physical drive you want to install to. Choose to partition the disk, then format the partition you made. Use some, or all of the disk. Use at least 10-15GB if you store stuff in your 'my documents' folder, as windows will keep nagging that its running out of room.

hey but i want to recover the data from the unformatted disk if i install windows on it, all data on it would be lost.

If you deleted the partition table, then you need to use a rescue disk with hard drive recovery tools. Hiren's boot cd is good, there might be some useful applications on an ubuntu linux live cd...anything like that.

i have ubuntu linux live cd but it doesnt have anything useful. where can i get this Hiren's boot cd

Not only is it probably not the best idea, as mentioned, but you will only be able to boot to it if your motherboard supports booting to USB devices. While this is fairly standard on newer boards, older boards didn't support this feature.

ya i checked it. my motherboard supports booting from usb device

You could install XP to an empty hard drive, then copy the contents of the drive to a usb drive or even a flash memory stick and try to boot form it. The DRM crap in windows would make it stop working after 30 days.