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Can I interface the arduino directly to a stepper without any other hardware to makiing the servo robot SERB? Answered



Best Answer 10 years ago

Hej, stepper motors are usually requiring a kind of current the microprocessor in Arduino cannot provide. The easiest way to interface a stepper is using a transistor chip like the uln2003 or the like. If your motor happens to be working at really high voltage, in the range of 24V and up, I would go for CMOS transistors like the IRFZ24N. Finally, to protect whatever circuit you make, I strongly recommend you using power diodes like the 1N4000 series (I find the 1N4004 is amazingly cheap here in Sweden, but look for the best at your location). /d

Callum Snowden

9 years ago

It would also maybe consume a lot of the CPU's processing time, so you couldnt probably do a big task while the stepper was running.