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Can I just cut off a 3.55mm broken earbud jack and replace it with any other 3.55mm jack from some other old earbuds? Answered

I have a broken 3.55mm cable that has a snapped off male end. Could I take my old earbuds with a 3.55mm male jack and cut that off and swap it with the jack on the cable? Would the wiring/connections be the same? Would it work?



7 years ago

Yes, it should work. It'll be a pain in the butt to solder, though.

Yes, although it might be easier in the end to simply replace the earbuds. I've done a lot of repair on things like that over the years, and I can attest to Burf's comment about the difficulty. The wire is very tiny, and very susceptible to secondary damage (that is, damage done while attempting the repair)


7 years ago

Are they interchangeable? Yes, but the problem is going to be connecting the wires together permanently. 
The wires are tiny and they are coated with an acrylic coating you'll have to sand off. It is a real bear trying to solder them.  I have tried this a couple of times, the first time, I gave up, the second time I was able to make a half-a**ed connection.
My recommendation, check with Radio Shack or any electronics supplier and try to find a replacement jack that uses a mechanical connection.

As long as they're both stereo or both mono (compare the pattern of the connections - look for the two bands of insulation), you should be fine.

Stereo jack

Mono jack.

. +1. As long as you get the common wired up correctly you will be OK. If you get the L and R wires swapped, just use the left bud in your right ear and vice versa.