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Can I make a Humanoid robot from the parts of a electric RC helicopter that I can't fly? Answered

I've tried to fly my helicopter but can't. I would like to build a humanoid robot from all the servos, I need a plan.



Hello there! One could make a robot from an old helicopter, but it really depends on the conditions of it, like how many servos does the heli have? How many channels does it use? How much DOF (Degrees of freedom) is your goal?How big are the servos on the helicopter?


6 years ago

I dont know who u r.. Nor do i know what this site is all about.. But i am commenting here as ur question made to do it.. Listen, if u will to make a humanoid robot than forget what others say and believe in ur-self .. Search through the internet, read thousands of books on robotics, learn about each technology right from a small watch till a big car and do what u can for it.. And i am sure u will create what u think..

You wouldn't be able to, but try this book- 'Absolute Beginner's Guide To Building Robots' or there are robot kits from "Solarbotics.com"

I don't think so either.  You'd have better luck building either a hexapod, or some other type of walker.  A humanoid robot is as much an engineering nightmare as it is a marvel if you get it to work.  A insectoid is vastly easier to build.  Plus they can be scaled up or down in terms of size depending on the person's needs, budget, materials, and expertise to plan and build such a machine.


8 years ago

Maybe, but it wouldn't do much. Aim for something a bit less complex the first time around...

Humanoid, maybe not. But websearch for CrabFu's design for "swash-plate robots", which resulted from his turning an RC chopper's servos upside down.