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Can I make a mini tazer from those toy shocking gum? How? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

Not really. A tazer has enough voltage to interrupt the nervous system for a short time. About the most the toy shocking thing will do is make them pee in their pants if you scare them enough and then they're just going to beat the crapola outa ya wen they catch you.

And also, of course, a taser fires projectiles which deliver an electric shock via wires at a distance. The devices commonly referred to as "tasers" on this and other sites are more accurately called "shockers", or possibly "stun guns" if they are exceptionally powerful. Shock gum wouldn't really work to make any of those things.

First you need to take off the wrapper that says shock gum pull here Then you pry open the casing Then you should see a wire that hooks to nothing other than a piece of metal when you pulls the "gum" it connect to the side of the gum that has nothing on attached to it take that and tape it to that side. Then put the gum part sticking out of a altoids tin or a case of some sort. And when you or anybody else touches it it will shock them but if you want more power replace the power source with a battery case and add the batteries. There you go then you have yourself a taser.

I also have a shock gum. Sorry- I have been trying but it wont work unless you completely take it apart, then make it so that it is always pulled out. :/

Not out of that, but there are a few 'ibles here that show how to do that with a disposible camera.