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Can I make a permanent starter for my go-kart engine? Answered

I have a 18v cordless drill that I can take apart and use. I also have a motor from a garage door opener but if I could, I would rather use the drill. My go-kart uses a 12v system. I would like a starter because it would really complete it. ANY help would be great.


You probably couldn't be able to use a drill, because that's not near enough torche nor a garage door opener because that uses 120 AC (house power)

sorry, i meant to say 'so the starter motor turns over at 500rpm', not the engine.

Google 'traxxas EZ start'. it's a permanent starter for RC car nitro engines, and you can just copy the idea. You want a reduction gearbox so the engine turns over at about 500RPM, and a one way bearing so when the engine is running the motor can be stationary. hope this helps :)

i'm not a mechanic, but you'll need a lead acid battery and the 12v motor