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Can I make a photo-flash capacitor bank (20 caps) charge faster by wiring the charger in parallel with another charger? Answered

If so, how many chargers could I put together?



Best Answer 7 years ago

YES you can.
I would worry about the chargers damaging each other, Unless
there is a diode in series with each charger.

"how many chargers could I put together?"
How strong are you ? :-)
The only limit on how many chargers is $$ and available power.

How long does it take to charge ?  What voltage ?
Why is this important to you ?


So, I would wire the chargers in parallel right? That would still get 330 volts from the chargers but a higher amperage ( I think).

So then, where would I put the diode? And how good would the diode have to be?

You need a 400V 1A diode 1N4004 or 1N4005 or 1N4006.   A

Block charge.jpg

Wow, I just happened to have 2 1n4004`s on my desk. They are the only diodes I have.

yes, ive done it before, i had 5 in parallel and about 30 caps. its dangerous, i accidentally shorted it blew up in my face, my ears were ringing for 3 hours. be careful, im guessing your making a coil gun.

Solder is cool when vaporized !
Also makes you clean your area.
Like playing with NIB magnets of over the ¾" size.
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