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Can I make a wind powered resistive water heater with an old AC motor? Answered

I've got a bunch of old ac motors and a cold pool. If I made wind generators out of them to power an old water heater, I could heat my pool. I'm making the blades for the wind generator now, but I'm worried something might blow, but I don't see what would.I know the frequency and voltages would be wrong, but does that really matter? As long as I don't over amp it, wouldn't it be fine? I figure some one else must have thought about this, so I'm asking!


. A resistive heater doesn't care whether it gets AC or DC. . You will need a permanent magnet motor/generator, unless you want the added complexity of powering fields during startup. I'm guessing most of your AC motors are the squirrel-cage type (no permanent magnets) which won't work as generators. . Your fuse or circuit breaker should prevent over-current conditions.

If it's a simple heating element you've got two ends of 'wrong': In high wind too much current goes through the heater and it "burns out" Or too much current goes through the generator and that breaks instead. For AC you can limit current with some kind of choke / isolating transformer (I think), and you're probably thinking of a speed-governor on the turbine anyway? L